Get Approved for a Contract with Bad Credit

If you’re planning to apply for a phone contract and you have a poor credit rating, chances of disapproval are very high. Major providers in the UK are generally less keen to do business with customers who have bad credit because of the risks involved. But just because you were rejected once doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Even with a poor credit score, you can still convince your provider to take a chance on you using the simple tricks below:

1. Choose a Cheaper Handset

One of the fastest and surest ways to get approved for a phone contract even with a bad credit is to opt for the cheaper handset instead of the high-end phone you’ve been eyeing for. Settling for a cheaper phone, at least for now, will lower your fixed monthly fee. If your provider sees that your income can handle the lower monthly fee, chances are high that you get approved for your application. To check out the best cheap handsets in 2015, click here

2. Pay a Higher Upfront Fee

If you have cash stashed away that you can spare, offering to pay a higher upfront fee than usual is another way to convince your provider. By paying the upfront, you’ll achieve the same goal as above. You still get the handset that you want at a lower fixed monthly fee for the duration of the contract. The downside, this tip does not really work if you don’t have enough cash for the upfront fee.

3. Get a Guarantor

If you don’t have the cash but you’re dead set on getting the handset that you want, bringing a guarantor might do the trick. Just like the other two aforementioned tips, what the guarantor does will lower the risks for the provider. The guarantor will co-sign the contract with you and he or she agrees to pay the liabilities in the event that you are unable to do so. Not all providers accept guarantors however. Make sure to call customer services first for more details.

4. Consider a Sim Only Deal

If you’re not really after the latest handset and you just want cheaper rates on your call, text and data services, a Sim only deal may be the perfect choice for you. With this type of deal, you’ll only get a Sim card and no handset hence significantly lower and cheaper fixed monthly fee. Many providers are also now offering Sim only deals without any lock in period.

5. Go for Bad Credit Phones

When the above tips won’t work, there is still one option you might want to consider. You can check out bad credit or no credit check phones instead. These offers exist to bridge the gap in the market. Providers of such offers cater to people with bad credit and have been refused a phone contract elsewhere. With a bad credit phone, there’s no credit check involved hence no worries about your poor credit score getting in the way.